What You Do After The Sale Is Just As Important As What You Did Before The Sale!

What You Do After The Sale Is Just As Important As What You Did Before The Sale!

Despite the fact that this simple strategy is enormously powerful, hardly anyone uses it. But if they did, it could cut down dramatically or even almost eliminate clients cancelling their orders!

I’m sure you know how it feels to buzz with the excitement of having landed a big sale; the sense of achievement you get when your diligent work pays off and a client demonstrates their vote of confidence in your product or service with $$$! It can make you feel ten feet tall! You automatically begin to allocate your newly acquired funds to where you need them or better still, to something you don’t need so much as ardently want!

And then the client cancels their order!

You may have been that client yourself! You evaluated and rationalised a big purchase, bit the bullet and wrote out the cheque/handed over your credit card. But in the next few days, you did a complete turnaround and called to cancel your order!

Why? Because you are human and what you have just experienced, is buyer’s remorse. There’s a big fancy name for it; post cognitive dissidence! What it means in simple terms is that DOUBT began to creep in, because when you bought you were motivated more by emotion, but then your logical mind entered the equation! You suddenly began to wonder if you really made the right decision, if the money you spent would be better spent on something else. That sceptical little “monkey” in your mind turned up the heat until you talked yourself out of the sale.

Now a good sales person will have pre-empted most of all of your possible objections either before or immediately after they closed the sale. But even that wasn’t enough to make the sale stick in the days that followed!
The GOOD news is, you can do something about it! There is a simple three-step method you can use to overcome buyer’s remorse in your clients and so reduce the possibility of them cancelling or sending their order back, which can happen where there is no immediate gratification to be had.

  1. Firstly, immediately after you’ve closed the sale, have your client vividly mentally visualise how having your product or service will BENEFIT them! The more emotive this experience the better. Paint as vivid a picture as you possibly can so they almost experience the benefits as you speak!
  2. Immediately send your client an ACKNOWLEDGMENT LETTER or a “Stick” letter. Just as the name suggests, your letter is designed to make the sale “stick”.
  3. In your “stick letter” tell them you’ve also sent them an unexpected FREE Bonus(es)

If I was to say send your client a Thank-you note, you might think a card with just a few lines would suffice. But NO, I’m not talking about social etiquette here, though we could do with more. I’m talking about helping your client to sustain their initial enthusiasm and energy about your product or service, so they have no intention of cancelling, or sending it back for a refund.
In your acknowledgement letter, you start by CONGRATULATING your client on making their purchase, and then once again, talk about the BENEFITS to them in having whatever it is and why his/her choice was so wise! If there is some specific action required by them to start the ball rolling, tell them the best way to go about it, emphasising that it will be enjoyable/interesting; anything but difficult. Of course neither should it be, because your product is beneficial/ethical/educational!

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