When EMOTION Goes Up Intelligence Goes Down

When EMOTION Goes Up Intelligence Goes Down

And judging by some of the conversations I’ve been having lately, some who should know better are allowing their EMOTIONS to affect their business decisions and as a consequence dramatically adversely affect their financial future.

The success of a business is closely related to how much…

TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY ITS LEADERS CAN DIRECT TO MARKETING versus how much it is consumed by internal matters (drama/EMOTION).

I believe there is no place in business for EMOTION. Certainly no business decision should be based on an EMOTIONAL response. However if you’re selling something you want to do all you can to evoke EMOTION when it comes to your prospect’s decision making. One EMOTION I’m often confronted with is…

“Money is evil.”

The reality is MONEY DOESN’T HAVE A CONSCIENCE. It will accompany you to the bank whether you worked hard for it or whether it just flows to you the lazy way, whether you are a good guy or a bad guy. Money just doesn’t care. The money seemed to flow very comfortably from AWB to Saddam Hussein via kickbacks. Money isn’t evil, it’s what people do with money that is.

Another biggy is “SELLING IS EVIL”. I witnessed this first hand in Kuala Lumpur this week at DC Cordova’s Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs. Here I presented for 7 hours straight and when it came time for me to make my pitch some people couldn’t fill out their order form fast enough, others as per their feedback form were totally put off by the notion that they should be “sold” something. AND THIS WAS AT AN ENTREPRENEURSHIP SEMINAR.

Of course, the people who were offended were a combination of employees and struggling business owners. They allowed their EMOTIONS to cloud the reality of me having a marketing solution to their most pressing problems. By the way, I even warned them beforehand and advised them not to allow their EMOTIONS to affect what they heard or how they responded to what I had to say. This was in spite of my best efforts. Old habits die hard. Remember…

You can’t make money with a closed fist.

What that means is you are going to have to pay for your education. It’s either money you are not prepared to spend, or money you are willing to lose. The other side of the coin of course is you can’t receive money (get rich!) with a closed fist either.

Some people seem to be habitually in drama (EMOTION). Henny Penny the sky is falling! Moreover, it would appear in some weird way being in this state for them is “safe”. It’s as if there is a monkey in their mind endlessly jabbering. This monkey never seems to let up even when things are going well, comfort is found in creating drama.

Maybe that’s is why DC whispered in my ear when she was about to turn the emotional heat up on the room “Mal, maybe this might be an ideal time for you to go out on the town, having a glass of red wine and a nice feed.”

When EMOTION Goes Up, Intelligence Goes Down.

Simply….. high EMOTION leads to poor decision making!

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