When Setting Any Type of Goals, Be SPECIFIC – If YOU Don’t Fill in The Blanks, It Will Happen Anyway; It Just May Not Be The Way You’d Want!

When Setting Any Type of Goals, Be SPECIFIC – If YOU Don’t Fill in The Blanks, It Will Happen Anyway; It Just May Not Be The Way You’d Want!

I think what makes the whole concept of setting goals in the fashion we advocate so compelling to people, is that it requires you to to FREE UP your imagination, to have some serious FUN with it. Most of the goal setting techniques I’ve heard about take a much more rigid view of how it’s done, for instance “make your goals achievable”. The inference is that it would be foolish to “wish” for something unless you can already see the steps you will take on the journey to achieving it. The trouble with that approach is that most of us don’t really KNOW what we are capable of achieving until we open our minds to the possibilities.


BEGIN with the END in mind, to paraphrase the title of Law No#5 in Your Right To Be Rich!

The Wonderful thing is you don’t NEED to burst a blood vessel ‘MAKING’ it happen; this is about having a ball with your SUBCONSCIOUS mind, which works away for you at an entirely different level! And even more importantly, the mind will accept what you persist in feeding it and go into overdrive in order to make the pictures in it become REALITY! Your mind CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE between what is REAL and what is IMAGINED! It accepts what you tell it as the truth and sees to it that this is made manifest! How does this happen? It has to do with THOUGHTS being very real forces of ENERGY, which attract ‘like’ forces of energy to themselves. If you can get hold of any of the literature written by Canadian John Kehoe, this is explained very clearly.

If Your thoughts; your focus, is weak and scattered, your outcome will be all over the place too!

So the CLEARER the picture you have, the more SPECIFIC you are with both the vision you have and in the way you articulate your goals, the more exact will be your outcome.

For instance, on a small scale, you might want to achieve a goal of having a barge holiday, floating from village to village via the intricate network of canals in Britain. Of course you want the holiday to be the experience of a lifetime. So you need to think deeply about what would make a holiday perfect for YOU. Imagine you were to be joined by another couple and four or more of you will be living in VERY close proximity for two or three weeks. A tall order, but if you focus on HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIPS between you all and SAY that in your written goals, something ‘magical’ will happen and this will become your experience. Of course if you spend time worrying (running negative scenarios in the fertile environment of your mind) about whether you’ve made a big mistake by inviting the other couple or couples along, you are giving POWER to what you DON’T want to happen. Very obediently, your subconscious will see to it that what you are picturing so vividly comes about. Ugh!

Most of you will have spoken with Karen, who is an integral part of our business. Karen set a goal some two years ago, for a new home. At the beginning, her vision was infused with such ardent desire that possibilities quickly began to present themselves; this had seemed outside the realm of possibility to her before. She read her goals daily and ‘day dreamed’ of the kind of home she wanted for her family. In her own words, however, after some time she let her daily routine slip, stopped vividly imagining the outcome she wanted. The result is Karen now owns an attractive but smaller house than she really wanted, she stopped “seeing” a pool and doesn’t have one and the location she REALLY wanted is a short distance away. Karen takes TWO lessons from her experience – be persistent and be SPECIFIC!

Marketing Ploy for this week!

On another note Chiropractor extraordinaire Chen Tay shared this brilliant marketing strategy: “When quoting a price, never say the word ‘dollar’. For example, “the cost of your Chiropractic Healthcare is 750.” DON’T say the the word “dollars”. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it and the effectiveness of the strategy may surprise you.

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