When You’re Onto a Winner, Keep Backing It!

When You’re Onto a Winner, Keep Backing It!

Have you created an ad; any piece of advertising material which has proven to be a winner for you? It might be a Yellow Pages ad that made the phone ring off the hook, a flyer that got a huge response from the market place or a single promotion.

Or maybe your local newspaper did an article on you or on your business, that brought in lots of enquiries with the opportunity to convert these to sales and on-going business.

Have you submitted a Press Release to a paper or a radio station, resulting in free publicity that generated sales?
What I’m leading to is this; many, many businesses have a history of successful ad campaigns, promotions or some other kind of successful publicity to draw from … but they fail to make good on-going use of it!

Let’s say you write a Yellow Pages ad which causes the right kind of pandemonium in your office; the kind which means you and everybody else dealing with the subsequent response by the marketplace, must raise your bottom lines, in order to answer the demand! If you’ve run an ad or campaign that resulted in a high response, you know that after the first wave of enquiries/orders, you might have been caught on the hop, even exhausted; but it never takes long to raise the bar and meet the challenge.


But after that, what did you do with the Yellow Pages ad which caused the all the fuss? Nothing?

What if you were to take a copy of it and mail that copy as part of a Direct Mail campaign? What if you recycled it as a Display ad? Did you think of including it in your newsletter? If the formula you used to write the ad worked so well in the Yellow Pages, it will be just as powerful in another medium!

If a publication has written an article on you or your business, USE this as part of your advertising material to boost your credibility! Some years ago, I was involved in an innovative pizza shop. I approached a prominent restaurant critic and invited him to come to the shop and sample our food and hospitality. He did and wrote a rave review. I asked the newspaper which featured the article to send me a print-out of the article and used this again and again in future campaigns both as an example of getting free publicity and as credibility.

You’ll see an attachment to this Nudge; this is a supremely good example of using one successful direct Mail ad and “recycling” it as a Display ad. This is one of Bill Glazer’s; Bill is one of our acclaimed presenters for the Global Information Summit in Sydney in November. This ad was supported by an editorial which Bill also wrote and resulted in a phenomenal response. If you read it carefully you will also see it cleverly uses “exclusivity” to attract people. With this ad, Bill extends an offer to people who would not normally be eligible for “private” promotions.

Think outside the Square and become a Recycling Junkie!

In the same way that you recycle advertising material, if you run an event, you can use a simple visual recorder to do a roving interview with delegates after any event you run; ask for feedback and use this to send out as a “taste of what’s to come” as part of a campaign launch for future events. Instant testimonials with the added benefit of sight and sound to add weight to what they say! You could put some of these interviews on CD and send it out as a mailer, or have it running when people enter the room at the beginning of another event. Make every opportunity count!

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