Where My Original Fortune Came From

Where My Original Fortune Came From

Here I’m going to reveal to you how I created my original fortune, interestingly enough I would do the same thing today if I find myself broke. So, in essence, it would work just as well 30 odd years after I figured it out, having started my first business at the age of 23.

Now, for the record, what I’m going to reveal here I figured out on my own. You see, I didn’t read my first book until I was 41 and I had already made a fortune doing what I’m going to describe here. Another thing to note is none of what I’ll reveal here is textbook orientated. It’s what I lovingly refer to as… Streetsmart.

Everything I’ll share with you is field tested and proven to work and has made millions of dollars for me and my clients. For the record what I’m going to describe is exactly what I’m doing with my existing business.

Now the formula I’m going to share here is what rich people do as oppose to normal average mediocre and broke people. Here’s the big thing I figured out. I figured out I could make…

more money buying, building and selling
businesses than I could owning them.

The other thing I figured out is there is no money in my product and service, all the money was in the marketing of my product and service. Back then, of course, I didn’t even know the word marketing, I was just blessed by the fact I asked the right questions and that question is the same today…

How can I get them to shop with me
as opposed to my competitors

Today I know that to be a unique customer buying advantage (UCBA). Your UCBA is your point of difference that you relay to the market place.

Rich people go into business with “3 INTENTIONS”, poor people, mediocre and average have 1. The “3 INTENTIONS” are…

  1. Working Income (WI), that’s where most people stop and start. They go into business working to create an income only.
  2. Passive Income (PI), rich people always use leverage and a conscience of making money without doing the work.
  3. Build Value (BV), rich people build the value and worth of the business, so if one day they decide to sell it, they can and they will make a fortune doing it.

Now let’s face it, if you were starting or in business right now, wouldn’t you do things differently if you have started with all 3 INTENTIONS? After all business is too much hard work if all you want to do is to earn a living, the purpose of the business is to set you free and create wealth. In my world, no exceptions, you must start will all 3 INTENTIONS.

And the place to start is at the beginning, every single business I started or owned or still do own, I have a clear picture of what it must look like in the end when I cash out to my ultimate customer — the one that buys my business and puts me on the beach. I call it…

beginning with the end in mind,
nothing should happen by accident.

For my formula to work you must have the right vehicle for wealth creation. Understand there are “jalopy businesses” which make it very difficult for you to get rich and then there are “racing cars businesses” where it’s whole lot easier to get rich. If you subscribe to my principle of Speed Wealth…

you’d want to be in a racing car not a jalopy
and 50% of your success is choice of vehicle.

For this to work for you, you need the Right Vehicle (RV), Right Knowledge (RK), Right Person (RP) and finally Right Time (RT). I’ve discovered you can have the Right Vehicle, have the Right Knowledge and it can be the Right Time and you can still stuff it up if you are not the Right Person.

Hopefully you are the right person and this message has not fallen on deaf ears and you’ll actually embrace the concept that if you want to get rich in business, you’ll need to start with all 3 INTENTIONS not just one, although I have some good news for you. The best part of starting a business with the Intention of selling it is that in order to do that…

it’s actually the best thing you can do
if you want to start and have a business.

By beginning with the end in mind, using the 3 INTENTIONS of Working Income (WI), Passive Income (PI) and Build Value (BV), you will get to have CHOICES and those CHOICES are keep it, retire and keep it and enjoy a passive income, or sell it and lay on the beach.

Either way, you must begin with all 3 INTENTIONS regardless of whether you sell it or not because you’ll do it totally differently and it will give you CHOICES.

All the best,

Mal Emery
Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

P.S. If you’ve missed any of my previous Rants, I have them all available
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  1. G’day ol mate Mal emery , Well yes mate choices hey ! I get to chose every day also ,which is great so im just as driven as yesterday. All the best Mal mateeyes Kind regards. Sincerely. Rodney-AKA-Mr.Mateeyes…

  2. Hi Mal,

    Thanks again for more gold from the mine of success. I value so highly your no BS in the trenches life changing advice. You are teaching me what i need to know about me,and how i can make choices where others let life make them what they are. I now know by learning marketing and writing good copy,and having good mentors i can make a living in what ever racing car i want.

    Cheers Konrad

  3. Every Email is drawing a very clear picture Thanks Mel And Team your doing a good job for everyones future

    Thanks Daniel

  4. Thanks Mal now it is much clearer what my next steps are in creating my business success. Passive income and build value.

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