Winner Or Loser To Be Or Not To Be You Have A Choice

Winner Or Loser To Be Or Not To Be You Have A Choice

After consulting to over 100 different industries and coaching tens of thousands of people directly over the last decade or so, I’ve noticed something strange.

Strange that the information, strategies and tactics and mind set that I presented and dispensed by way of advice, worked gang busters for some, but for the vast majority little or nothing changed.

With having the advantage of working up close and personal, actually in the zoo cage with a bunch of what I now refer to as “Rebellious Entrepreneurs”, I noticed some incredibly important commonalities that separated them from the norm and mediocre.

One of the commonalities was that they had come to the conclusion or simply had adopted the behavior that produced a high probability of success. One of those behaviors was that they recognized that success from a financial business perspective is a mechanical process. And the stuff that stops you from being successful is your own BS.

So in reality, money success is made and achieved mentally before it materialises.

I think it was the famous American preacher Reverend Ike that said “People have more hang-ups about money than they do about sex!”… I think he was right!

Understand this, we live in a world of duality. For example day and night, black and white, up and down, right and left, stop and go…and…RICH AND POOR. They all co-exist.

Further more, currently, two percent of adults command more than half the world’s wealth, while the bottom 50 per cent possesses just 1 per cent – this is according to a United Nations development institute study. Scary but true!!
The awful truth is in any group of people, whether it be your local P&C meeting, a room full of dentists, even any category of business you can think of, roughly 5% of the individuals in the group will have 95% of the wealth.

A further 20 odd percent, should be OK if they don’t do something silly, the rest however can barely afford to pay attention. The interesting thing is that studies dating back to 1952 show these particular numbers to be true even back then.

A more recent study, I think 2003, showed that this statistic has not changed. Now that’s irrespective of the amount of knowledge in the world, advancements in technology, the internet, improved communications, in fact anything that you can conceivably think of like the influences of greats like…. Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Donald Trump, Robert Kyosaki or even God himself…NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

The truth is, in a unique period of 50 years, nothing has changed human behavior.

I guess the choice is yours, you should strive to be part of either the 80/20 or better still the 95/5.

The fact is you can’t do anything about human behavior. What you can do is something about
which group you belong to.

A good place to begin is mentoring.

And at my ‘Rebellious Millionaire Retreat’ coming up in April, you get the chance to be in the room with what I believe to be four of the greatest mentors that exist on the planet today – gathered together for the very first time. To find out more about how you can join the rich and happy minority, click here.

Committed to Multiplying Your Profits and Guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Capitalism,

Mal Emery

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