Yes The World Does Revolve Around You

Yes The World Does Revolve Around You

I have mentioned this fact before, here I am going to elaborate as to why the world should revolve around you, and why it’s all about you.

Of course my daughter is quick to tell me it’s all about her, and if like me you’ve got kids, you know that they already think they are the centre of the universe. In a business sense being the centre of the universe and having the world revolve around you is powerful logic unless…


Unless you are not the most valuable person in your organisation. Let me explain…


All businesses need a leader, and in most cases the leader is the original guy that figured out a bunch of stuff that others haven’t figured out. In fact, there is usually a handful or less of things the leader does that the rest can’t or won’t do as well as him or her. In my case, no one in my organisation is a better Marketer than me, nor, a better Copywriter, or Speaker.


You see, I set out years ago to be the best I could possibly be at those skills. And today I have become “The Coach of the Coaches” and the “Millionaire Maker” because I identified these skills above all others would get me my outcome. Now if someone in my organisation did any, or all, of these better than me, the world would revolve around them and they’d be paying me a wage.


So, as the most valuable contributor to the businesses success, everyone else’s objective and purpose for existence is seeing that you get the job you do that they can’t do done without fuss or bother. Therefore, everyone else’s primary purpose is to facilitate what you do. Their job is not to slow you down or entangle you in trivia. They’re either ENABLING or IMPEDING.


Let me give you an example in my organisation. Being the best speaker, it’s my staff’s goal, and they understand this, to enable me to simply swagger on stage and do what I do best without having to worry about a thing. And generally speaking that is exactly what happens.


I get a detailed itinerary in large font and highlighted where necessary so I don’t have to reach for my glasses that tells me exactly where I need to be, how I am going to get there, and what I am going to do when I get there. Right down to reservation numbers and hotel vouchers. When I take the stage my products have been pre-delivered, order forms or anything else I might need are already there or packed neatly for me to take.


Even flights are carefully chosen to allow me maximum rest, maximum versatility, and convenience. Believe it or not, they even have to organise things around my beloved West Coast Eagles football matches. That is, if there is a game being played here(Perth), send me out after the game. If there is a game being played where I am headed, get me there in time to watch it, or arrange my itinerary so I can stay longer to see it.


Do you get my drift? It’s all about me!


And it should be all about you unless someone else is more valuable to the business. I promise you, Coldplay(the band) don’t set up the stage or the sound system. Nor did Frank Sinatra or Michael Jackson. They just walked on stage and did what they do that no one else can do.


Not wanting to get off track, but some celebrities and speakers have a list of demands that even I consider “out of order”. They are a bunch of Prima Donnas’ and they get away with it. So why can’t you?


Remember… it pays to be intolerant of cancers, dead wood, emotional basket cases and other impediments to your maximum productivity. And yes, the World Should Revolve Around You!


Mal Emery
Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism

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