You Are Not Your Prospect!

You Are Not Your Prospect!

If you’re wondering about the date, (which has long since passed us by) at the top of the page, you might be aware that I owe you a few; Nudges that is! In the last two weeks leading up to the Global Information Summit in Sydney, I found my time engulfed by Summit affairs, leaving no time to get the usual weekly Nudge off to you. So here they come.

It doesn’t matter how invisible I think I have become, how well insulated from the distraction of unannounced inquirers and passers-by, it seems pre ordained that I will be sought out to have my marketing buttons pushed, no matter what!

This Rant is the result of chance encounter with such a ‘button pusher’!

Before I tell you what transpired, I want to bring your attention back to the headline. You Are Not Your Prospect.
In other words, until you find out just what your PROSPECT is looking for, what matters to them, you’ll have a snowball’s chance in hell of selling them anything! If you don’t understand their reasons for buying and instead base your selling campaign on your reasons for selling, you will be doomed to failure!

So now to the inspiration for this Nudge. The name of my business, Magnetic Marketing and Publications is displayed on the outside wall of my office. Noting the word ‘Publications’, this week, a lady walked into my office with a book she has written, and asked;

“So do I bring my book in here if I want to get it published?” I responded with “Who is your market?” She told me her book is aimed at educating children. I countered with “So really your market is the parents of children?” The lady gave me a rather blank look and made a point of telling me that she holds two degrees. I continued, “Well I’m a parent, why should I buy your book?”

Her deadpan answer was “Because I wrote it!”

Perhaps I could have found other words, but I didn’t. “No-one gives a toss about you writing it. What is the title of your book?”

“I haven’t got one yet.” I told her that the title should be the FIRST thing she wrote. She retorted “I’ll do it my way”. I’m sure she thought I was the most boorish git she’d had the misfortune to meet in all her highly educated life! And she left.

It’s a classic tale. Another aspiring author whose thinking extends to two stages. Write a book, get it published. Is there a hungry market for the book? Is the subject of the book a hot topic, so will anyone actually want to even read it? Would anyone actually BENEFIT from reading it? It seems evident that rather than responding to a demand in the marketplace, they are focusing on the ego boost that comes with being a published author. Good reason to write a book? NO! Good reason to advertise a product? NO!

At one of my events, the subject of Loyalty Cards was raised. A lady stood up and declared “I hate loyalty cards!” As she sat down again, a man walked to the front to show me a collection of 13 Loyalty Cards in his wallet! He loves them. The message is clear. It doesn’t matter what you think! It only matters what your CLIENT/PROSPECT thinks! Find out before you rush in with your own biases and opinions! To put it another way, don’t let what you think get in the way of doing good business, because …………YOU ARE NOT YOUR PROSPECT!

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