You Better Not Tell “Them” The Truth That It Is “Their” Fault They’re Broke Fat And Unhappy

You Better Not Tell “Them” The Truth That It Is “Their” Fault They’re Broke Fat And Unhappy

In an interview with Sharon Stone, she blamed the failure of the Catwomen movie on the George Bush administration. She blamed the over-zealous conservative moral position they take in society in general. In this case, it was her much publicised lesbian love scene and pash with Halle Berry which the movie producers refused to include in the movie because of the possibility of any fallout and crackdown in the media, again spawned by the Bush camp, in her view.

Her take on things is that if this scene had been in the movie it would have been a hit, thus it’s failure is not “the movies” fault. Of course, the interviewer failed to ask the obvious follow up question… “is the movie so bad that it needs one scene of porn to make it work? Is the rest of it so poor that no-one’s prepared to tell their friends to go and see it? Have the writers, producers, actors and studio got their premise so wrong?”

These days it’s hard to find anybody wanting to take a skerrick of responsibility for anything that’s happening in our lives. Why they’re broke, why they’re fat and unfit, why their relationship is on the rocks, why their kids can’t spell. Their catch cry is IT’S NOT MY FAULT.

And you my friend if you intend to sell “them” something better not tell them it’s their fault they’re fat. You see, it’s actually their father’s fault, their mother’s fault, their metabolism’s fault, McDonald’s fault, in fact anything but their fault.

Regardless of what you are selling, if it solves a problem you MUST give the prospect one, or better still several good excuses before offering your solution.

Whatever problem you intend to cure for your prospect, you better not say, imply or even leave to choice the question that their particular situation is their fault, their responsibility, or a product of their own action or inaction.

Put another way, if you want to sell them something they need you must first make “it” someone else’s doing, someone else’s fault – not the prospects!

So check your pitch, check your sales copy! And make sure you give your prospects what they want and undoubtedly one of those things is EXCUSES AND JUSTIFICATION.

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