You Can Divide The Population Into Two Chunks – One Has Got The Money, One Hasn’t, And The Latter Meekly Forfeit Their Right To Complain.

You Can Divide The Population Into Two Chunks – One Has Got The Money, One Hasn’t, And The Latter Meekly Forfeit Their Right To Complain.

As I said, you can divide the population into two chunks. Those who search, hunt and ferret out the information they need to rectify whatever is ailing them, and those who simply don’t. About 5% of the population are in one group and 95% are in the other. In a financial sense, 5% of people do very very well and 95% never achieve a satisfactory level of independence and wealth.

Is this a coincidence? I don’t think so.

Iron clad proof the deciding factor in achieving financial success isn’t really education. Formal education alone won’t do it for you and the myth that it will, has held many people back. I myself was told, when I first began striving to ‘change’ my circumstances, that I didn’t have the necessary tertiary education to facilitate the changes I wanted to make, so it would have been easy not to even try.

I do know a lot of people with advanced tertiary degrees who are no better off than those who lack similar qualifications. On the other hand, I know and work closely with a lot of people who continued their formal education no further than high school … some who never even finished high school, who have started, built and own highly successful businesses. Some have made a fortune in the stock market, some have even used real estate as their wealth creation strategy.

These high school drop outs make $100,000 or more a year, although being a high school dropout is not a pre-requisite!

The difference is acting on Information!

More specifically, the getting and using of information. What most people don’t seem to grasp is that it’s a behavioural difference, totally and completely within your control, regardless of your financial circumstances, tertiary background, where you live or the business you own.

Hopefully, you are in or striving to be part of the 5% and I congratulate you on that choice. Many however opt for being in the second group, but by doing so they forfeit their right to complain. If you are striving to improve your situation I can promise you the steps to mastery are NOT shrouded in mystery as so many mistakenly believe. There are NO secrets. But there are ways to accelerate the process and your progress through those steps, notably, mentoring.

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