You Suddenly Cringe And Realise What You’ve Just Done

You Suddenly Cringe And Realise What You’ve Just Done

Reinvent, Innovate or Die!

Be warned folks, reinventing your business is NOT an option … a change in our economy demands a change in your thinking so your business remains relevant to your customers.

The good news is, change doesn’t have to be painful … and it doesn’t require a major overhaul of your business either. If you’re broad minded, have a desire to increase your profits and you are open to new ideas … then you’ll want to read each word carefully … yes reinvention is that important.

First up you need to look at the people you hang with if you are to be a positive influence to your business and inspirational then you know that you have the hang out with people who are inspiring and a positive influence to you.

Don’t hang out with negative people! You know who I mean.

The sort of person that when you ask them “How are you?”

… you suddenly cringe and realise what you’ve just done “Oh my God, why did I ask them that?” … and you remember the last time you asked them…

Some people are naturally negative, some people like to complain, most of these people blame somebody or something else for their predicament. And are absolutely averse to change!

I am not making a judgement on these people, each to their own. If they are happy with their lot that’s fine but they will drag you down or worse still fight the changes you are making the whole way.

I read somewhere recently that you need to ask yourself the following questions to assess your ability to change …

What are the last three books you’ve read?

Who are the three people you hang out with the most?

Are these congruent with where you want to be or where you are going?

There is an old Proverb that says “If you hang out with dorks you will become a dork”

Well, it wasn’t those words exactly but that’s the guts of the message.

Get around positive people, get around people that are going places or who are well on the way.

A further point to consider – it is also commendable behaviour to help people on the same journey. Be there for people to try and encourage them, to help them on their way. Another old proverb speaks of the “reap and sow” principle at work and invariably if you open doors for others then doors will be opened for you.

I have seen this first hand.

However, there has to be a balance in this and you need to guard yourself against giving out too much and going under yourself.

All the best,
Mal Emery
Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society
Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism


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  1. It is so true that you can give so much of yourself that you go under. Did this with my last business and never again. There must be a balance.

  2. Mal,

    I concur with the gist of what you are saying. Though, sometimes it is hard to get away from negative people if you are married to one and I know of many who are in this predicament. The only solution under such circumstances is the drastic one of divorce/separation !!

    Negative people tend to sap one’s energy and waste one’s time. When I am in a negative mood I tend to stay away from others.

    BTW: Where you say And are absolutely adverse to change! should read And are absolutely averse to change! I have seen this mistake in too many places to name.

  3. One of the lamest answers to How are you? is Not Bad!

    I simply respond with So you’re not good? People today just either don’t want to think, or don’t want to commit. Seriously, the question is not that difficult. Commit to your feeling & to who your are. I agree totaly with what Mal is saying here. The people you hang out with & spend most of your time with will influence your attitude far more that what you will influence theirs.

    Get around people that will challenge & extend you. Get around people that will make you grow!

    You have two choices, Talk about what was on TV last night, or talk about your Goals & Dreams.

  4. ~ There is an old Proverb that says ‘If you hang out with dorks you will become a dork’

    I love it! So true!

    Mal, I’ve been reading your Rants for a long time. I used to live in Blanco, Texas, and look forward to coming back. I’m up west of Lubbock right now, but look forward to coming back to the Hill Country and seeing you and Joe Vitale soon.

    I just finished publishing my third book yesterday and I’m working on completing my fourth and fifth.

    The fourth one (the BIG one) is an academic editing job for academia, while the fifth one is more along the positive, self help genre.

    What you say is so true: to put it another way, Birds of a feather, flock together.

    Keep up the good work!

    Ernest O’Dell
    Guerrilla Internet Marketing and
    Questar Telecommunications

  5. Hi there

    Thank you for this post, it has really challenged me. You see a part of me really wants to emulate Victor Frankl and focus more on staying true to behaving in accordance with my core values than focussing on making judgement calls about other people’s choices and actions. Yet I continually amuse myself by catching me out being just as blaming and shaming as the next person.

    So your comment has made me take a long hard look at why and when I judge others as negative (in comparison to my positiveness of course). And, in response, why I choose reactions that go against my core values.

    Of course the main reason is to shut my mind chatter up, that is blaming and shaming me. Oh such misguided humaness that somehow keeps making sense (cos I keep falling down that hole). Guess there are just times when self responsibility can seem to be the hard road while blaming others the easier option. Mmmm see how I can keep myself well and truly amused by all my silly time-wasting games … like making this comment?????

    Viva life and humanity & the Mal Emery’s of this world! 🙂

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